220 x 305 mm 44 pages, 30 photographs Digitally printed over five paper stocks, wrapped in plastic book jacket Edition of 500 Signed by the artist Designed by Fraser Muggeridge studio November 2023 62 Euro

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From November to April all across the frozen lakes of Finland, the centuries-old national philosophy of sisu plays out in the form of avantouinti or ice swimming. In these lands, individuals navigate existence amidst relentless, brutal winters. There is a certain grit required to endure the long periods of cold that pushes beyond perceived mental and physical barriers. Here, ecstasy finds meaning in the heady contrast of searing saunas and the frigid outdoors. Such is the dichotomy of life, that one has less meaning without the other. Presented across 44 pages, Camille Summers-Valli's debut book delves into the heart of this long standing tradition.